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Some thoughts on vegetarianism and veganism

As far as going veg*n strengthening altruistic motivations, I can at least say for myself and several other people I know who have been veg*n a long time, that I am no longer able to look at a piece of meat and disconnect emotionally from the fact that it is someone's dead body. This can make staying veg*n highly self-reinforcing to the extent that it would cost me a huge amount of effort to stop. Furthermore, every time I see meat, I instantly feel a strong emotional reminder of just what it is we are all fighting for. Eating meat normalizes itself. If you stop long enough, it'll stop feeling normal. 

Discussion with Eliezer Yudkowsky on AGI interventions

If I were to accept the premise that "almost everybody is doing work that is predictably not going to be useful at the superintelligent level", how do I avoid being one of those people?