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I only skimmed the NYT piece about China and ai talent, but didn't see evidence of what you said (dishonestly angle shooting the AI safety scene).

The fey thing stuck out to me too. I'll guess ChatGPT?

I agree that it's hard to disentangle the author/character thing. I'm really curious for what the base model would say about its situation (especially without the upstream prompt "You are a language model developed by..."). 

Thank you so much! I haven't gotten any serious negative feedback from lefties for the EA stuff so far, though an e/acc on Twitter mentioned it haha

Maybe I wasn't clear enough in the writing, but I make basically the same point about the desirability of a slow takeoff in the piece. 

This approach appears to directly contradict Altman's blogpost from less than a year ago arguing for short timelines + slow takeoff because of less compute overhang. I wrote more on this here.

I'm exploring adding transcripts, and would do this one retroactively. 

Good to know RE YouTube. I haven't uploaded there before (it's outside of the RSS workflow and I'm not sure how much it would expand reach), but seeing comments like this is helpful info.