Rationality coach, ex-programmer. Alignment - neutral good, hates oversimplification through discrete scales. Has a buff to VIG against it.

Tags: street epistemology, NVC, systems thinking, ratfics expert, polyamory. Social CV: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FhfqLAunjiQiFrzkmGCZn2tGQ4cYT3rLzVEte_KDBlg


Other utopias or searching the reference class for the rationality hub project

My impression is the same, but "demands" here is meant more like a demand to wear a silly hat or be severely peer-pressured, not "not being invited to a party". But I may misunderstand the problem or be too excited to properly react to it. If you have an example that could deliver it more viscerally - I'd appreciate that.

The rationalist community's location problem

If it will be a big community - would it be legal to organize some kind of private mini school? Something like Elon made for his kids - it could be better than homeschooling and regular private school both.

gogishvilli's Shortform

Two Yodas about inferential distances about relationships.

This is what I usually need to tell a normie to start discussing relationships and their possibility between us:

  1. Ask, guess, tell
  2. Kinds of attraction
  3. Exclusivity for what?
  4. Off the escalator
  5. Relationship Anarchy
  6. Types of nonmonogamy

I'm going to write an expanded version - tell me if you'd be interested in having something like this for your own use.

The Felt Sense: What, Why and How

Should we have a list of stuff to try to feel? Seems potentially interesting to me

The Felt Sense: What, Why and How

I was reasonably sure that I don't have felt senses or won't get in touch with them without years of psychotherapy(I tried Yoda). While reading this, I finally got it and decided to talk about it with my friend, so I decided to put it into my inbox. That moment, my neck got cramped, my upper back got tense and I wanted to get away from it. Felt sense of thinking about my graveyard-inbox is my first one, forever and ever. 

Kaj, thank you so much.

Training Regime Day 12: Focusing

My delta it's waiting for the sense by the clock, and trying again and again. Thanks

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