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REMINDER! Saturday, 2pm, Bath House, LessWrong/AstralCodexTen/SlateStarCodex! Looking forward to seeing y'all!

So, my name is Hamish Peter Todd. My facebook handle was hamishpetertodd for a while, and my twitter used to be hamishpetertodd. There are one or two connections to my person here:

 - I created a documentary called "Virus, the Beauty of the Beast" in 2016. Seems connected to this "Beast" thing? It's about biological viruses though, not computer viruses
 - I spent some time in the video games industry and I notice video games are somewhat a part of that word cloud? I've written a large amount about video games online.
 - In particular I was very into Final Fantasy when I was a teenager, and made many posts on Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts related forums. I've never encountered the name Leilan before though.

Less relevantly... I hope...
 - I've made posts on facebook about philosophy at one time or another since 2008. I believe that LLMs can be conscious and have blogged about this here https://hamishtodd1.substack.com/p/qualia-claims-as-evolutionary-strategy but that post is only from February of this year
 - I'm somewhat active on lesswrong, I actually organize the meetups for Cambridge, UK
 - I am a linear algebra researcher. I've published almost nothing in the time I've been doing this, just some tweets and presentations like this one https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1029233/Math-in-Game-Development-Summit
 - I, er, am not a terrorist or crime lord, and have no desire to rule the world, but what young man hasn't said a thing or two on social media that would imply he wanted to save the world?

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Hey folks, just to say I gave this talk on Intelligence Signalling :) inspired by Hanson