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From my personal perspective, I think Roam brought to attention a different type of software and vibe which were dominated SV type startups.  Through Roam, I've learned about all those fancy-old ideas and concepts. I guess I was coming from a more mainstream corner of the tech scene.

My excitement declined as the hype too, and as you describe, I couldn't understand its real benefits as I didn't have a strong enough reason to use it. 

Coming to Roam a few years later, after starting a publication, has made the difference as I'm less focused on [[double-bracketing]] but just taking notes, gradually and only when I'm feeling like it.

Oh, I meant for the bloated approach as for the reason why it didn't work out.

I certainly see this pattern in late-stage startups, and it seems like for Airbnb it didn't work.

Maybe there's an in-between path. I wonder how Dropbox could have evolved if it had remained more loyal to its original root.

That's interesting, thanks.

Reminds me of small giants, which is a very similar concept: