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As someone who researches and trains tacit knowledge, I appreciate this effort. Wish I had some better public resources!

Watching Simon from Cracking the Cryptic has given me a good feel for how to solve a hard Sudoku. Not exactly revolutionary, but there's some really clever logic there. (Watching anyone think aloud as they do a task is going to be great for tacit knowledge)

A really good debate between two people is another thing I would recommend to watch. You can learn a lot about rationality and rhetoric from such debates.

For non-video resources, I recommend the book "Working Minds" which teaches how to do Cognitive Task Analysis (CTA) which is a major interviewing technique for uncovering tacit knowledge. I wish I knew a good resource where you could watch people use CTA!

As another non video resource, I'd also put in a good word for the LW community. Engaging with people in this sphere has taught me more about rationality than reading the Sequences. Though I think that engagement needs to be complimented by engagement with people who think differently from rationalists, as well.