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** Additional details for the meetup are on our Discord server, including maps and more location info:

** We will have sandwiches provided by Second Slice Sandwiches (including vegan options). Other food and drinks will be available to purchase on location from Segundo Coffee Lab, Gojui Smoothies, and Adoro Deserts.

** Interested in Effective Altruism?  Houston EA organizer Keirra will be there along with others involved in the Houston EA community!

** Andrew Wilsen will be there recording another episode for his "ACX Everywhere 2023" Podcast (links to previous episodes are on the Discord server...see #general 9/29 posting).  

Joe BrentonΩ360

Seems like this model has potential to drive resolution of this question on Manifold Markets to 'yes':

"Will Tyler Cowen agree that an 'actual mathematical model' for AI X-Risk has been developed by October 15, 2023?"


  • We have a private room reserved at the back of the IRONWORKS building
  • Maps of the IRONWORKS layout and parking location are on Discord under the channel #acx-meetups-everywhere-may-21-2023
  • We will have food and drinks provided from vendors in the IRONWORKS