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The finish was quite a jump for me. I guess I could go and try to stare at your parenthesis and figure it out myself, but mostly I feel somewhat abandoned at that step. I was excited when I found 1, 2, 4, 8... = -1 to be making sense, but that excitement doesn't quite feel sufficient for me to want to decode the relationships between the terms in those two(?) patterns and all the relevant values

Zack, the second line of your quoted lyrics should be "I guess *we already..."

I'm currently one of the four members of the core team at CFAR (though the newest addition by far). I also co-ran the Prague Workshop Series in the fall of 2022. I've been significantly involved with CFAR since its most recent instructor training program in 2019.

I second what Eli Tyre says here. The closest thing to "rationality verification" that CFAR did in my experience was the 2019 instructor training program, which was careful to point out it wasn't verifying rationality broadly, just certifying the ability to teach one specific class.

I think this comment would be better placed as a reply to the post that I'm linking. Perhaps you should put it there?

My summary: Give gifts using the parts of your world-model that are strongest. Usually the answer isn't going to end up being based on your understanding of their hobby.

Window AC units don't actually pull air from outside.

Hey, I've been looking into air quality quite a bit recently. I have several questions.

What air quality sensor are you using? How are you getting outdoor data?

I suspect some of the confusion in the results may be due to circulation within the home and monitor placement. Have you thought much about circulation?

Additionally, it looks like indoor PM2.5 is tracking outdoor PM2.5. Have you thought much about other sources of ventilation?

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