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Hope to see everyone again this Spring.

For everyone who hasn't been before:

There's indoor and outdoor space, depending on the weather.

We'll have snacks & beverages.  Probably pizza for dinner.

There are also cats.

Looks like it will be a bit chilly on Sunday.  The event will be indoor/outdoor with some outdoor heaters, but if you are allergic to cats,  you might want to dress for outdoors.

Looking forward to seeing every on Sunday!


Also- someone left an Orange and Grey fleece. If this is you let me know.

Thanks to everyone who came out! Was great to see you all.
One note- a bunch of folks have mentioned that the Google Group messages are going to spam.  If you haven't gotten any messages from the boulder-acx-ssc group, please check your SPAM folder and if they are in there, mark them as not spam.

Just a reminder- this is happening this Sunday at 4pm!
Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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I think ZVI is uncharacteristically too conservative here. The data from South Africa is becoming overwhelming. They are on the downside of the peak and simply haven't seen any substantial increase in deaths. I think we are in the 98% range for overall Omicron cases being much less lethal (including vaccine breakthrough) and probably in the 90% range for it being less lethal only considering unvaccinated cases.

My best guess is the death toll in US for this wave is 1/4 of Delta wave despite far more cases.

Yes. Lafayette is just across the street.

Note there's an ACX meetup scheduled in Denver the week before as well. Please let me know if you'd prefer to condense the events, or if you strongly prefer the Boulder location.

Can you speak to this: 
The density will grow, and since individual construction companies don't have an incentive to care about urban planning, just their own projects, you will get ugly neighborhoods and questionable infrastructure. There's no guarantee that this will happen, but I've seen it happen in my city.

AFAIK, every major city developed like this. If anything, there seems to be evidence that absent development planning you get organic development which leads to massively desirable places to live (NYC, LON, SF)- where almost all the existing constrution was before significant zoning restrictions.

This isn't necessary. The half life of free CV is estimated at 1-2 hours. While it's true that CV DNA can still be detected after several days, this says more about detection technology than CVs virulence. After 12 hours we'd expect the number of active virus particles to be reduced by over 99% rendering the risk very minimal.

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