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Don't Sell Your Soul

That's a great question, ChristianKI.  I have no idea if a soul-human link would transfer to an uploaded consciousness.  The thought experiment of the Ship of Theseus definitely intrigues me, and I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other.  I wouldn't expect to find any sort of material link to a soul, so I actually wouldn't know how to test for it even if I had an EM in the room with me right now.  

I will also add that I don't think a belief in a soul, given that it (as far as I know) has only anecdotal evidence, and doesn't fit into the scientific method, isn't self-supporting, and I wouldn't hold it if it didn't have borrowed strength from other theistic beliefs.  

Does that add any clarity?

Don't Sell Your Soul

I'm a Christian user of LessWrong.  

Although this isn't a universal Christian position (there are some Christian materialists/naturalists), most Christians believe that souls exist on a different metaphysical plane than your brain or an EM.  I wouldn't expect to find any physical atoms that could be identified as being part of a soul.  I would obviously expect to find those in an EM.  

Also, great article.  I think the 1000:1 odds bit is a reasonable analysis.  Given an atheistic starting point, although it may feel that future-theist-you is almost certainly wrong, this prediction isn't easily extricable from the fact that it is being created by atheist-you. 

Even if there is a 1:1000 chance that you have a metaphysical soul, you would certainly be making a bad deal (if it were actually possible to sell your soul online as this article posits).

If anything I said doesn't make sense, feel free to AMA.