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Instrumental Rationality


Reasonable ways for an average LW retail investor to get upside risk?

For crypto:

  1. buy btc
  2. buy eth
  3. buy defipulse index

For even higher variance crypto:

  1. buy defi small cap
  2. get eth, turn it into st-eth/eth LP on, and then stake into the st-eth pool for ~30% APY on your eth
Instrumental Rationality: Postmortem

Thanks for the feedback Emiya! I hope it ends up being useful for helping you get what you want to get done, done.

I never got the chance to update here, but I cleaned up some of the essays in the years since writing this series.

They can now be found here. Of note is that I massively edited Habits 101, and I think it now reads a lot tighter than before.

[link] The AI Girlfriend Seducing China’s Lonely Men

The extent to which this app is used and to which people bond over the assistant.

[link] The AI Girlfriend Seducing China’s Lonely Men

my friend from china says this is likely sensationalized. agree w/ gwillen about being skeptical.

What is your electronic drawing set up?

Seconding the Boox Note as being a very good device I'm overall pleased with. (I have the large 13 inch Boox Note Max which makes reading papers very bearable, and it can do file drop via local wifi.)

Memorizing a Deck of Cards

The way I did this for a specific ordering of cards (used for a set of magic tricks called Mnemonica) was to have some sort of 1 to 1 mapping between each card and its position in the deck.

Some assorted examples: 5 : 4 of Hearts because 4 is 5 minus 1 (and the Hearts are just there). 7 : Ace of Spades because 7 is a lucky number and the Ace of Spades is a lucky card. 8 : 5 of Hearts because 5 looks a little like 8. 49 : 5 of Clubs because 4.9 is almost 5 (and the Clubs are just there).

Using GPT-N to Solve Interpretability of Neural Networks: A Research Agenda

This is a good point, and this is where I think a good amount of the difficulty lies, especially as the cited example of human interpretable NNs (i.e. Microscope AI) doesn't seem easily applicable to things outside of image recognition.

Using GPT-N to Solve Interpretability of Neural Networks: A Research Agenda

Interesting stuff!

My understanding is that the OpenAI Microscope (is this what you meant by microscope AI?) is mostly feature visualization techniques + human curation by looking at the visualized samples. Do you have thoughts on how to modify this for the text domain?

Charting Is Mostly Superstition

Same here. I am working for a small quant trading firm, and the collective company wisdom is to prefer CDFs over PDFs.

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