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Of course ReLU is great!! I was trying to say that if I were a 2009 ANN researcher (unaware of prior ReLU uses like most people probably were at the time) and someone (who had not otherwise demonstrated expertise) came in and asked why we use this particular woosh instead of a bent line or something, then I would've thoroughly explained the thought out of them. It's possible that I would've realized how it works but very unlikely IMO. But a dumbworker more likely to say "Go do it. Now. Go. Do it now. Leave. Do it." as I see it.

Curious what industry this is if you don't mind saying

Good point. I am concerned that adding even a dash of legibility screws the work over completely and immediately and invisibly rather than incrementally. I may have over-analyzed my data so I should probably return to the field to collect more samples.

Excellent points all around. I did have more varied examples of smart looks dumb and dumb looks smart (research, advice, peers, family, subordinates...) but cut them cuz I don't like throwing too much shade and they were hollow without details. Perhaps the reader can supplement?

I can't think of a good argument against strategizing. Maybe that's like trying to end a fist fight with your fists or maybe I'm wrong. Let me substitute with some pithy indulgence?: The law of bad strategy attractors: strategizing will make your strategy worse (overly legible etc) , especially if you try to account for TLOBSA.

Could spaceships accelerate fast enough to make missile course adjustment necessary? Seems like blind missile could still hit

I would read a longpost about where and how and when and why liability insurance has succeeded or failed

Liability insurance has a mixed record for sure. Landlords and doctors ok not great in terms of safety

This is so goddamn strange. I have wondered about this for so long

Some things are easy to notice and hard to replicate

More ideas you're less confident in?

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