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Your writing about how/when/why having all these AIs around goes wrong is exceptionally coherent and sensical and buyable IMO. Do you have much opportunity to preach outside the choir? Do you have late-night TV skills? I think you could have a much much larger platform. And actually get a substantial and correct message across. (Or were you doing lobbying.)

"Unclear on this point" means what you think it means and is not a L I E for a spokesperson to say in my book. You got the W here already

Yeah hurts the chances then. Could get something from an unwashed piece of fruit. I think the ones that do spread person-to-person do so via eggs that make your butt itch; the eggs get on the bedsheets then Bob eats an apple in the morning. I'm still like 50/50 on the parasite hypothesis

Looked for sold online and broad-spectrum. Basically just . I ate the chocolate one myself. Idk why different parasites would be sensitive to different chemicals or anything. Didn't check user reports at all.

I wonder how well a water cooled stovetop thermoelectric backup generator could work.

This is only 30W but air cooled

You could use a fish tank water pump to bring water to/from the sink. Just fill up a bowl of water with the faucet and stick the tube in it. Leave the faucet running. Put a filter on the bowl. Float switch to detect low water, run wire with the water tube

Normal natural gas generator like $5k-10k and you have to be homeowner

I think really wide kettle with coily bottom is super efficient at heat absorption. Doesn't have to be dishwasher safe obviously, unlike a pan.

I guess the vague idea is in the water. Just never saw it stated so explicitly. Not a big deal.

I was pretty confused why they didn't focus on memory instead of flops. Maybe it was just a bad bet? Who would have made that bet? IIRC, memory speed was widely known to be The Thing for at least five years.

Pretty sure you can improve on memory speed tremendously if the order-of-access is known before design. Weird they apparently didn't do that¿

I think the main way to bet is to find some equity and buy it. Might be hard to find.


Sorry to be that guy but maybe this idea shouldn't be posted publicly (I never read it before)

(Quoting my recent comment)

Apparently in the US we are too ashamed to say we have "worms" or "parasites", so instead we say we have "helminths". Using this keyword makes google work. This article estimates at least 5 million people (possibly far more) in the US have one of the 6 considered parasites. Other parasites may also be around. (table 1)

This is way more infections than I thought!!

Note the weird symptoms. Blurry vision, headache, respiratory illness, blindness, impaired cognition, fever... Not just IBS and anemia!

The author does not appear to be a crank

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