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18 years old; from Warsaw, Poland. Student at an IT technical school. (like high school). Into planning, decisions and self-discipline.

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Hi TAG, thanks for the comment, 

I meant the first and ?third? one but I'm also sure if I understood you correctly. I meant that each observed event can be assigned some events/states etc. that had appeared before/ were happening parallel to the event and be assigned probability of happening this again. (Have you seen the content of my question? Title contained only my first thought for simplicity)

  • For the first one I think we can assign such conditions when there's >= 0% chance of occuring and when it isn't. So I'd say there are some particular conditions (>=0%) under which event can only have a chance to occur.
  • Surely I didn't want my post to be interpreted that every event must occur given certain conditions.
  • I'm not sure of the third, but I think I resolved your question?

I've changed my post accordingly.