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Vanessa Kosoy's Shortform

Technological Singularity might be the least interesting one.

MackGopherSena's Shortform

You'll find it helpful to ignore that aspect for now.

MackGopherSena's Shortform

If it is just an 'if', then what motivates your question?

MackGopherSena's Shortform

Suppose you're tempted to drink a coke but you don't want to, but you drink the coke anyway. Then while you're drinking the coke, you update on the act of drinking the coke.

avturchin's Shortform

Disqualifying yourself makes me think your conception of "king" is too constrained. (example of an unconstrained conception)

MackGopherSena's Shortform

Imagine a hypothetical substance called 'mana'. 

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