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Makes sense - appreciate the feedback!

Thank you for sharing! I actually had someone link the same article on my blog, very interesting read - and certainly spoke to the power of the annealing process / analogy :)

Thank you! That analogy makes a lot of sense to me - it's almost like complex systems settle into a "low energy" state over time, which makes large scale change difficult within that settled state. Reinvention / disruption / destruction could be viewed as "turning up the temperature" and providing a reset of sorts which allows for more broad changes (with the system then gradually "cooling" to a "low energy" state after the reset). Hadn't thought about annealing in that context before, thanks for sharing :)

Also, based on that connection, think you might enjoy another post I recently wrote which uses Conway's Game of Life as an analogy to understand the difficulties associated with changing complex systems.

Thank you, glad you found it a useful read!

Thanks, I appreciate that feedback. I agree with you that there was no clear main point, and I think the AGI part assumes a different type of architecture than what is used today, which as you point out makes it difficult to situate the ideas. I'll put some thought in and see if I can come up with a better way to frame it.

Wikipedia has a number of examples (, though to be transparent I haven't done much research on the level of documentation of each.