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David Gems “The programmatic theory of aging as developed by @Blagosklonny and de Magalhães promises to eventually serve as part of a general framework of understanding aging and the pathophysiology of late-life disease.” “This could at long last provide the field of biogerontology with an effective explanatory paradigm similar to that provided by the germ theory for the study of infectious disease, and the periodic table for chemistry.”

I have made a post on Geert Vanden Bossche. He seems to have correctly predicted the rise of vaccine resistant variants from the start. He is very troubled by the evolutionary dynamic of vaccines and variants. Stating the end game is for the population to trend towards having no immunity and enhanced disease. Maybe a novel source to add to your inference. His augments are complex and rely on his expertise so i find them hard to follow. But his predictions of vaccine resistance have been uncomfortably true. Thanks