🌟 Miles Wilson 🌟

🌳 Age: 21 | Passionate Tree Hugger & River Wanderer 🌊 🧠 Neural Pathway Explorer & Fractal Universe Admirer ✨

Hey there! I'm Miles, just a 21-year-old dude who's totally into the wonders of nature – from the majestic trees that rest over us to the serene rivers that flow with life's rhythm. But it's not just about the green and blue for me. I'm also super fascinated by the mind-expanding complexities of neural pathways and those mind-aesthetics, aesthetics made of mind, perceptual fractals rolling out through the universe.

πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ Mindfulness Meanderer & Awakening Wonder πŸŒ€ I've been practicing meditation on Waking Up and listening to mindfulness sessions on Stay Free on Locals, diving deep into the art of mettatating (that's meditation with an extra dose of love and kindness) and getting lost in the mesmerizing world of fractals. It's like each session and stream is a journey into a new dimension of chill.

πŸ” Self-Reflection Curiosopher & Poetry Adventurer πŸ“ My path has been a mind-boggling adventure of self-discovery, especially while blending poetry with lesswrong tags. Trying to get a better understanding of pressing questions and challenges in the cosmos of the community. Through the Fractal Frissons Perspective it was truly an emotional roller coaster.

So, here's to the trees, the rivers, the neurons, and the fractals – the endless inspirations in my life. Let's connect and vibe over the beauty of this wild, wonderful world! πŸŒŒπŸŒΏπŸ€™

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