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Checksum Sensor Alignment

Very nice solution.

You a word here:

>Either the AGI has the camera or the AGI has hacked your other nine sensors.

A Brief Theology of D&D

Pharasma is from Pathfinder and not D&D, isn't she?

The Jordan Peterson vs Sam Harris Debate

I don't think religion keeps is what modern people from learning physics

Should this be "I don't think religion is what keeps modern people from learning physics" or am I missing something?

Luna Lovegood and the Fidelius Curse - Part 12

Can you tag this/the series as finished somehow? I like to read stories when they are concluded and didn't realize I could read this yet!

April 2022 Welcome & Open Thread

Hello all,

I am not new, but I read much more than I comment. I have not written any articles yet.
I've known LessWrong for maybe 10 years, but it didn't captivate me then. When I started reading SSC again at the beginning of the pandemic, I also came back to LessWrong and got captivated this time. I have subscribed to some authors and try to stay up to date on the curated list. I don't have the time/concentration to read everything I want, unfortunately. "The Engines of Cognition" is still lying around here wrapped up.

About me: I'm a Berlin freelance developer in my early 30s. I enjoy reading, educational and entertaining videos, board and PC games (cooperative, singleplayer and occasional competitive multiplayer).

Some stuff on LessWrong that I have enjoyed. Feel free to ask me for more links (on and off LessWrong):
* All of A Map that Reflects the Territory
* Bayeswatch by lsusr
* Theses on Sleep by guzey
* Cryonics signup guide by mingyuan
* Can you control the past by Joe Carlsmith

€: I'm also looking for a project from July onwards. Feel free to message me if you are looking for a developer.

The 2021 Less Wrong Darwin Game

There are some occurrences in the git of Ditritus as well and more importantly in the google Form.

Pleasure and Pain are Long-Tailed

Interesting article.

An oddity I noticed is that the statistics ranks "Sexual Assault" equal to "Aunt Death". That seems wrong to me and might be due to the (hopefully) low sample size.

The original article doesn't mention the oddity either.

But that got me thinking of where "Sexual Assault" would / should rank in "Painful Experiences". Does anyone have insight into that or can direct me to a post?

[Sponsored] Job Hunting in the Modern Economy

I like this post, but I don't know how to feel about faking sponsored posts. That could trick people into reading actual sponsored posts.

Framing Practicum: Stable Equilibrium
  1. For any atom not being part of a living organism is a stable equilibrium.
  2. For a spinning top not to spin is a stable equilibrium.
  3. Hair length is a stable equilibrium.
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