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Concentration of Force

If I had only thirty total seconds per day of conscious awareness and available willpower This is extremely relatable (I have ADHD and a long history of poor sleep)

How To Get Into Independent Research On Alignment/Agency

This is super-encouraging given my circumstances/desires. Thank you so much for posting this!

There Meat Come A Scandal...

Yeah, the basic energy math of trophic levels implies this will eventually be the case for at least some plant-based/manufactured substitutes.

There Meat Come A Scandal...

True, just wanted to get the prediction registered and explained lol.

Open & Welcome Thread November 2021

Closest thing I can think of is SmartMusic, but no clue whether/how good vocal support.

Start with a Title

This is also sometimes recommended in songwriting, and has clear applications to other creative works (e.g. YouTube videos).

No, really, can "dead" time be salvaged?

Odd to hear rest time as time for rest. (This isn't sarcasm, I just kinda... ignored that part for a long time).

Thank you

Explaining Capitalism Harder

Eagerly awaiting the Massive LessWrong Post Explaining And Comparing Capitalism And Socialism With Lots Of Steelmanned Arguments, General Principles, And Consequentialism. It'd take a lot of work to write well, though...

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