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I actually liked the first example being unfamiliar with poker — it was highlighting form not the content.

Thanks for sharing this, I enjoyed it!

I will copy a lil post on an utopia idea I had some time ago here as it seems relevant enough. I think it can also address concern of some commenter utopias being boring.

It is not written in a careful LW style so add caveats as you read.

rat race done right = proximal development zone world

utopias are hard to imagine. some resort to saying that utopia would be so great that we can not even copmrehend how. there are no words or concepts in our language to begin to desribe it. I'll try nevertheless.

imagine a world where every day you get a perfect challenge for you at the time.

if you ace a course, you get into a more advanced one. if you are doing great an your job, you get more responsibity. your relationships deepen.

but very importantly this can also scale down. if your grades slip, you get helped or change it. if you are feeling not inspired, your job gives you a break. if your relationship gets too intense, your other responsibilities will decrease.

you don't ever have to deal with more stuff than you can handle but you are always learning and striving and getting better. like in a computer game.

it even works a little bit like this in this world except there is no magic/benevolent AI overlord computing what's best for you. and some (way too many) people roll too many shitty things in their lives. (and maybe some people get too few?)

let's be kinder and more daring

your princess is in another castle and I am happy for you 👋

Why do you think this?

think the title and framing about what EA leadership should do is not really a good fit for frontpage?

Would it have made a difference if, instead of referring to EA leadership, the post had said "we should sound the alarm" (as in readers/LW/EAs)?

The drug is still available today, though not much used for alcoholism except in Denmark, where it's widely prescribed.


This is not quite true. Disulfiram is currently used in Russia (and other former USSR countries) to treat alcohol addiction. (Random clinic website that offers disulfiram implants for ~$200.)


Also in the 90s disulfiram apparently was used to treat alcohol addiction in a quite questionable form:

Coding (kodirovanie) is a catch-all term for various Russian alternative therapeutic methods used to treat addictions, in which the therapist attempts to scare patients into abstinence from a substance they are addicted to by convincing them that they will be harmed or killed if they use it again.