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Those are excellent points. Maybe it doesn't apply to the community as a whole, but I still think there are a greater proportion of people with the archetypal skeptical mindset in the LW community than the general population. But in any case, my aim was to discuss the limits of skepticism; how widespread it is on LW is a side point.

I'm always skeptical of the official narratives of what people in a movement believe (yes I know, ironic to write this in a thread about post-skepticism)

Would be interesting to know how long they'd have to produce ~1,000,000,000 doses.

Could you clarify the distinction between techne and gnosis? Is it something like playing around with a hammer and seeing how it works?

I finally feel I understand this post. I also feel I understand why it was hard for me to understand originally.

The car analogy is being used to explain both looking and why looking is difficult to explain. This encourages trying to understand both at the same time, when it'd be simpler to focus on the later first.

Beyond that, as a story, it is hard to completely understand without a more realistic example to clarify. Unfortuantely, the only real example is the skill of Looking is anything but clear. So to understand Looking you have to understand why explaining Looking is Hard which is explained with the Car Example which is only completely clear once you understand Looking.

I'm finding this Spreadsheet useful. Like it's one thing to see current numbers, but it's also useful to see the numbers for each country and a graph.