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How You Can Gain Self Control Without "Self-Control"

The thought saver at the end of the heritability section asks you to remember some strategies for self control, but they've not been introduced yet

Demand offsetting

Presumably the welfare premium is reduced if the ethical egg providers can recoup some costs from a quality premium

Demand offsetting

Not sure at all! It still seems like the ordering is tricky. They don't know how many ethical eggs they've sold when selling towards the consumer. There's not a guarantee of future ethical eggs when buying the certificate.

Maybe it works out OK, and they can sell 873,551 eggs at a regular price after that many certificates were bought, and the rest at the higher price. I know very little about how the food supply chain works

Demand offsetting

IIUC, this exposes the high-welfare egg co to more risk. It's hard to sell 1 million eggs for one price, and 1 million for another price. So they probably have to choose to sell at the low welfare price constantly. But this means they build up a negative balance that they're hoping ethical consumers will buy them out of.

A Semitechnical Introductory Dialogue on Solomonoff Induction

Was this actually cross posted by EY, or by Rob or Ben? I prefer it being mentioned in the latter case

Takeaways from one year of lockdown

To add more color to the inadequate equilibrium: I didn’t want to hang out with people with a lot of risk, not because of how bad COVID would be for me, but because of how it would limit which community members would interact with me. But this also meant I was a community member who was causing other people to take less risk.

Making Vaccine

I didn’t mean to predict on this; I was just trying to see number of predictions on first one. Turns out that causes prediction on mobile

So8res' Shortform Feed

Hoping, I guess, that the name was bad enough that others would call it an Uhlmann Filter

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