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Making Vaccine

I didn’t mean to predict on this; I was just trying to see number of predictions on first one. Turns out that causes prediction on mobile

So8res' Shortform Feed

Hoping, I guess, that the name was bad enough that others would call it an Uhlmann Filter

A few thought on the inner ring

Oh, and I also notice that a social manoeuvring game (the game that governs who is admitted) is a task where performance is correlated with performance on (1) and (2)

Covid 1/21: Turning the Corner

First time I’ve seen a highlighted mod comment. I like it!

A few thought on the inner ring

Most of the Inner Rings I've observed are primarily selected on (1) being able to skilfully violate the explicit local rules to get things done without degrading the structure the rules hold up and (2) being fun to be around, even for long periods and hard work.

Lewis acknowledges that Inner Rings aren't necessarily bad, and I think the above is a reason why.

Public selves

Making correct decisions is hard. Sharing more data tends to make them easier. Whether you'll thrive or fail in a job may well depend on parts you are inclined to hide. Also, though we may be unwilling to change many parts of ourselves, other times we are getting in our own way, and it can help to have more eyes on the part of the territory that's you

A Healthy News Diet

All uses of the second person "you" and "your" in this post are in fact me talking to myself

I wanted to upvote just for this note, but I decided it's not good to upvote things based on the first sentence or so. So I read the post, and it's good, so now I can upvote guilt-free!

Mechanism Design

I would also be salty

Mechanism Design

I think this tag should cover, for example, auction mechanics. Auctions don't seem much like institutions to me

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