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There's no way to raise a human such that their value system cleanly revolves around the one single goal of duplicating a strawberry, and nothing else.


I think you're misreading Eliezer here.  "Duplicate this strawberry" is just a particular task instruction.  The value system is "don't destroy the world as a side effect."


Reminder for next week's predictions: Memorial Day is coming up.


Feature request: I'd like to have options on /allPosts or the front page to filter out the posts I've already read or bookmarked.


I think you're referring to narrowness of an AI's goals, but Rossin seems to be referring to narrowness of the AI's capabilities.


In the 1980-81 catalogue, there were 2139 hits for “Ph.D.” and the catalogue was 239 pages, a ratio of 8.9. In the 2011-2013 catalogue, there were 4132 hits and the catalogue was 414 pages, a ratio of 10.0. So if anything, there are fewer professors per class - professors are teaching slightly more courses on average.

Isn't that backwards?  A higher "Ph.D."/catalogue page ratio would suggest a higher professor/class ratio, wouldn't it?  Still, as you say, it's only a small difference.


I started with screen for multiplexing and session persistence.  Later I switched to tmux.  I liked it fine, but Emacs has been gradually devouring my workflow for a long time, so before long I dropped tmux in favor of splitting windows and running shells all within Emacs, and using its server mode/emacsclient for session persistence (with a little help from dtach to keep emacsclient itself running to remember my window layout).  Just recently I've dropped dtach as well in favor of a few lines of elisp to save and restore alternate window layouts.


Another option of course is to use the corn as corn if the problem persists.

Probably not.  The variety of corn grown for ethanol production isn't the variety people eat.  (Source: The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan.)


Yes--if a bit of your wrench breaks off inside the lock, the key may not fit anymore.  Also (and more likely, as I understand it) picking the lock will wear down edges of the various parts, making it even easier for someone else to pick.


I didn't notice the fiction tag at first and thought it was real until the VR stuff.

Same here.  I guess we need to keep training our discriminators.

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