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On Sleep Procrastination: Going To Bed At A Reasonable Hour

I had terrible akrasia around going to sleep until I started taking 300mcg of melatonin an hour before I want to sleep. My problems pretty much vanished after I tried to play Dota after taking it and struggled to stay awake through it and the redshifted light from my screen. I did briefly have a lapse where I stopped taking it on schedule, but adding an alarm to my phone fixed that.

I also make it a point to lay down in bed and read on my redshifted phone, which likely helps. I've had no ill effects in the two years since, including addiction or tolerance (I can sleep just fine without it) and it's cost me maybe twenty bucks.

Give it a try. Maybe it'll be a miracle fix for you too.

The consequentialist case for social conservatism, or “Against Cultural Superstimuli”

I can't speak for all trans people but my experience lines up neatly with that hypothesis. Hrt massively improved qol by alleviating dysphoria, and then I also got a new set of things to worry about but after the crushing weight of untreated dysphoria it doesn't bother me so much...

... of course, I live in one of the most trans friendly places in the US, so I'm sure someone who was stuck in the deep south would have a very different experience.

Ironic that a post on writing humanly was written by a bot.

Asking questions to fulfill expectations

I've experienced this while playing multiple student roles. As the high school class clown, I loved these moments because they have me a chance to crack whatever joke I had been honing during the lecture. As the bored college student, I just stared at my notes and waited for someone else to speak. And on the rare occasion I was engaged I found them trite and annoying because if I had questions... then either I asked them mid lecture, or I figured it out on my own, or I had become hopelessly lost twenty minutes ago and fixing my broken mental model would take far more time than appropriate.

The best things are often free or cheap

Yeah, ux is almost always ignored for internal software because you have a captive audience. If some peon hates the latest version of the warehouse app, it's not like they can download a competitor's app instead.

What does flow feel like for "mental activities"?

I get flow while gaming, writing, and programming. Ironically I've never had it for a physical thing. Mostly it's a blur because flow doesn't lend itself to observation, but the few concrete memories I have are all pretty similar.

I'm laser focused, with no distractions. I feel powerful, like I can do anything I put my mind to. There's a tight feedback loop and a clear goal that I'm striving for, and the goal is complex enough to be challenging but not so hard that I have no idea what to do. My mind is fast. Thoughts stream through me and all shards of my mind are aligned with no internal strife. And I'm not aware of my body or where I am or how much time is passing; the task fills my entire consciousness.

On clinging

I think it's reasonable to view the Sequences as having been an attempt to offer a cognitive alternative to clinging.

This was my experience, particularly with the vision of emotions and logic working together to form something stronger than either.

Science in a High-Dimensional World

Your description of the second type of science where you repeatedly control variables to isolate one reminds me a lot of debugging a complex program.

Is Success the Enemy of Freedom? (Full)

I related hard to the dota thing because that happened to me. After 5k hours spent honing one role... I couldn't switch. Nobody judged me but I hate losing and that was enough to sour it.

What is our true life expectancy?

The reason we didn't build a moon base is because it's not immediately useful and costs insane amounts of money.

Meanwhile, GPT3 was made with a couple million dollars and could probably replace half the clickbait sites out there. AI has a much smoother incentive gradient than space tech.

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