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Strong downvoted, reads like gpt SEO spam.

It doesn't to me, it lacks the wordy stylistic flair that ChatGPT has.

Strong downvoted because this reads like AI generated SEO spam.

Personhood is just a mix of "I care about this entity" and predictions about their capabilities and how they'll act. Sometimes I temporarily use a frame where a process is personified, as with moloch or naraka, but that's only useful because I have hardware support for dealing with people and I can't invoke that circuitry otherwise. Either way, there is no faith involved.

As for the "everything is connected" -- it's not a useful frame. A fully connected graph has as much information contained in it as an empty graph: none. Likewise with everything is equally real. Not useful.

What's useful for me isn't necessarily what's useful for you, but your post reads like giddy excitement at having found a cool new insight that you think should be applied to everything. As opposed to a measured approach of "it's good for x and bad for z".

Metarationality is as much about choosing your active frames wisely as it is about crafting them or being able to shift between them.

I fixed the link. The Skilltree is an interactive webpage, not something that can be converted into a PDF.

This sounds similar to the resolve cycle technique of breaking a problem into five minute chunks.

Problematic is already associated with bigotry and I don't think invoking a political frame is helpful for these sorts of situations.

I would probably read an inline intro, depending on how many of them they were. (Like I would probably read the first few, and then skim after that.)

Hover previews wouldn't do much; I usually read this kind of content on my phone.

It's less about convenience and more about me mildly disliking the nonlinear media experience. Sometimes a link is so intriguing that I do open it, but I almost never stop reading the original page to read the link — it's usually ends up in a queue as the next thing to read after I finish the original page. My prior for any given link being worth my time is pretty low, so I either need to need the additional info to understand the current context, or I need to think that the link would be worth reading on its own, completely separate from the page I'm on right now.

I almost never click links. (in yours or anyone's articles) but I generally enjoy your articles. They're an interesting glimpse into a very alien world.

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