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Some people write blog posts that I'd consider to be journalism though. Ie. people who aren't employed as journalists. I can't think of or find any good examples right now, but I recall coming across it in the past.

Maybe Zvi's posts here? Or Scott's much more than you wanted to know posts?

Could we use this bias to scare the public? "Oh, no — AI has just solved the Kill-All-the-Humans game."

Kill all humans is an actual game so, maybe!

Ah! I shall read those next, then. Thank you.

Strong upvoted, I straightforwardly liked this one. I'm not entirely sure I agree with the alien, but that mostly depends on the capabilities of the fictional biotech.

I agree with the other commenters about the worldbuilding holes, but I personally didn't find them distracting enough to be an issue. The stone in particular didn't even register as a hole -- in the text it's implied that this has happened countless times, so I figured the authorities don't reset things outside the store and just spawn a fresh concrete block.

I really liked the ending. The reveal of endless stone followed by salvation and then a final twist of the knife with a fresh priceco was a great ride.

I liked the focus on non nanite robots. It reminded me a lot of the latter parts of the Crystal Society trilogy. It's not something you see a lot of, usually these stories either have the AI manipulating people or ascending to godhood overnight (or both).

Narratively, the story felt a bit bleak throughout. Still, that'd very in character since the narrator is telling the story after having been trapped and given up.

This one is my favorite so far! It feels like an old school horror story. I loved the closeness of the narrative camera and the narrator's voice. Him siding with the self-replicating building was a cool twist too, I thought he would end up fleeing like Agnes was suggesting.

The ending is because I normally write horror and take perverse delight in making small additions to wholesome things which totally subvert and ruin them. It's a compulsion at this point, lol.

I have noticed this tendency. Sometimes it's really well done though, I loved the ending for ||the ehancer story||. (spoilers for another one of Alex's stories)

I enjoyed this, especially the slow reveal that the transformation is actually good. I do think it would have been more thematically powerful without the last line. The black goo being passive didn't bother me -- I didn't interpret it as a nanite AI, but just a dumb lifeform that slipped in through a wormhole or something.

I'm looking forwards to tomorrow's post.

I didn't push the button because I knew that doing so would actually take down the front page. And I only believed that would happen because it happened last year.

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