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I don't see any recent publications for paul christiano related to this. So i guess the problem[s] is still open.

parameters before L is less than ,

should this be after?

AutoGPT was created by a non-coding VC


It looks like you are confusing autoGPT with babyagi which was created by yohei nakajima who is a VC. the creator of autoGPT (Toran Bruce Richards) is a game-developer with a decent programming (game-development) experience. Even the figure shown here is that from babyagi (

Regarding the first one i am not expecting a single-prompt to generate the entirity of enwiki8/9. I am more interested in finding a set of prompts with a lookup table if possible to replicate enwiki data.

Thanks for the pointer for chincilla post, will look into it.

This requires hitting a window - our data needs to be good enough that the system can tell it should use human values as a proxy, but bad enough that the system can’t figure out the specifics of the data-collection process enough to model it directly. This window may not even exist.


are there any real world examples of this? not necessarily in human-values setting 

From a complexity theoretic viewpoint, how hard could ELK be?  is there any evidence that ELK is decidable?

is there a separate post for "train a reporter that is useful for another AI" proposal?

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