Sean Aubin

Human-Computer Interaction cheerleader. Used to simulate brains with Nengo.

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Because some of you were asking, here's the yearly review template I use:

Its integrated into productivity website I use:

To find the meetup, look for a woman wearing a neon jacket. I am ill, so my partner is running the meetup in my place. She'll be wearing the neon jacket and handing out name tags.

MARS is closed due to the Santa Claus Parade, so we're going to gather nearby at

which is outside the Mercatto cafe. I'll still be wearing a neon jacket. We'll relocate to somewhere warmer at 14:30

I forgot my neon yellow jacket, so look for a black baseball cap instead.

FYI, Terraform Industries published a new blog post about the cost of their hydrogen electrolysis, which is significantly less than you're linked estimate of around $7/kg. They claim they can get $3/kg using current legacy solar, but with current solar cost trends continuing (which I know you're skeptical of) could reach $1.12/kg. They accomplish this by optimizing the cost/efficiency trade-off of the electrolysis setup.

I'm assuming Casey Handmer is being overly optimistic, but I can't tell by how much.

I am irrationally/disproportionately insecure about discussing my mediocre/generic goals in a public forum, so I'd rather discuss this in-person at the meetup. :apologetic-emoji

I think David's primary concern is choosing the goals in "systematically finds a better path to goals" which he wants to name "meta-rationality" for the sake of discussion, but I think could be phrased as part of the rationality process?

I truly do not know. I have many friends (Hazard) and acquaintances (Malcolm Ocean) in those communities and only understand their blog posts and investigations/discussions 20% of the time, but maybe that's because I'm a stage 4.5 dweller.

Hilariously, this meetup is motivated by the sentiment/discomfort/uncertainty expressed in Ellie Hain's reply to the tweet you linked:

the problem is though, that the more meta you go, the less concrete solutions you get. A lot of talking but very little doing

Aside: I've met Ellie Hain in person and like the School for Social Design, but have yet to find a way to design an approachable meetup around their ideas.

Due to surprise concert, we've moved to the roller rink which is quieter

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