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I feel like you say this because you expect your values-upon-reflection to be good by light of your present values--in which case, you're not so much valuing reflection, as just enacting your current values. 

If Omega told me if I reflected enough, I'd realize what I truly wanted was to club baby seals all day, I would take action to avoid ever reflecting that deeply!

It's not so much that I want to lock in my present values as it is I don't want to lock in my reflective values. They seem equally arbitrary to me.

This kind of thing seems totally backwards to me. In what sense do I lose if I "bulldoze my values"? It only makes sense to describe me as "having values" insofar as I don't do things like bulldoze them! It seems like a way to pretend existential choices don't exist--just assume you have a deep true utility function, and then do whatever maximizes it.

Why should I care about "teasing out" my deep values? I place no value on my unknown, latent values at present, and I see no reason to think I should!