I started posting on Less Wrong in 2011, learned about effective altruism, and four years later landed in the Bay Area. I do direct work in operations, and write for fun.

You can find my fiction here: https://archiveofourown.org/users/Swimmer963

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Player vs. Character: A Two-Level Model of Ethics

I found this post valuable at the time, and read it again as research for writing fiction about rationality, finding it pretty relevant.

Unrolling social metacognition: Three levels of meta are not enough.

I think this post crystallized a concept I had not previously had and will be useful for writing about rationality

On the Loss and Preservation of Knowledge

read for research on my EA/rationality novel project, pretty relevant, well laid out

Why everything might have taken so long

this topic is super relevant to my fiction project! Really good summary of a lot of areas that affect progress.

Toolbox-thinking and Law-thinking

Used as a research source for my EA/rationality novel project, found this interesting and useful.

The Rocket Alignment Problem

Used for research for my EA/rationality novel project, this is a really good analogy!

Embedded Agents

Read sequence as research for my EA/rationality novel, this was really good and also pretty easy to follow despite not having any technical background

Meta-Honesty: Firming Up Honesty Around Its Edge-Cases

Used as research for my EA/rationality novel, I found this interesting and useful (albeit very meta and thus sometimes hard to follow).

What is operations?

This is, unfortunately, kind of true in practice. (Although, ideally, is and will become a bit less true at major EA orgs - CEA was pretty good on this dimension and I never felt like people saw me as less intelligent, although that could be because it's less a part of my identity so I didn't notice).

I do think that ops work, especially the finance & accounting aspects, is pretty G-loaded, and that people wrongly perceive this as not the case. Anyway, I hope to discuss all of this more in a later post about the personal fit aspect.

What is operations?

That is a pretty interesting article, thank you!

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