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I like Hasselt and Meyn (extremely friendly, possibly too friendly for you)

Maybe he dropped the "c" because it changes the "a" phoneme from æ to ɑː and gives a cleaner division in sounds: "brac-ket" pronounced together collides with "bracket" where "braa-ket" does not. 

It's under "IDA". It's not the name people use much anymore (see scalable oversight and recursive reward modelling and critiques) but I'll expand the acronym.

The story I heard is that Lightspeed are using SFF's software and SFF jumped the gun in posting them and Lightspeed are still catching up. Definitely email.

d'oh! fixed

no, probably just my poor memory to blame

Yep, no idea how I forgot this. concept erasure!

Not speaking for him, but for a tiny sample of what else is out there, ctrl+F "ordinary"

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