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Meetup : Munich Meetup in August

Don't forget to think of the summer reading list: what books did you read and like or you want to read and why?

Meetup : January Meetup in Munich

We moved the meetup from Sat to Sun 2pm

Meetup : Munich Meetup in December

We moved the time of the meetup to the canonical 3pm.

Meetup : Munich Meetup

Great! I would be very interested, and so I believe :) lot of other people. Do you have something concrete on your mind?

Meetup : Munich Meetup (updated)

No, unfortunately I don't have a copy Zendo. We could use lego or make peaces ourselves and use coins for stones.

Meetup : Munich Meetup (updated)

I will be glad to come. Zendo is fun. Depending on the number of participants I can bring "Pandemia" game with me. Just on top of my head several different topics we could discuss: 1) tips and tricks of application of Bayesian decision theory in normal life, 2) systems of self-organization and self-improvement, 3) spotting logical fallacies in debates, 4) what to read waiting for the next chapter of HPMOR, 5) building a sustainable LW meetup group in Munich ;-) If you are interested, we could further discuss the details in the LW Munich Group.