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I've had with poor people don't bear this out.

Are you talking about poor people, or the fellow dying in the street. There's a difference.

Also, if someone is using GBI to start a business, borrowing to buy equipment is pretty reasonable,

And what happens if the business fails?

In case you're still looking, I think you might find Chris Brecheen's "Social Justice Bard" blog edifying

Looking at this blog I'm having trouble not coming to the conclusion that he's an idiot. Could you cite some of his posts you found particularly edifying?

> Money, same as now. I'm not waving a wand and declaring superabundance here, just saying if we're not ready as a society to let people die of want, let's not mess about and let's just give everybody money. I do not have a counterargument to "He who does not work shall not eat," except to say that ...(read more)