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Covid 1/7: The Fire of a Thousand Suns

The UK does seem to be supply limited, or at least limited on something before the point where vaccines get delivered to hospitals. They've also sped up quite a lot in the last week.

Asking For Help

A slightly different sort of benefit to asking for help: it gives an opportunity to potentially start a collaboration / mentorship / friendship. I find when reading older autobiographies that important relationships often started when e.g. they read a book and had a question, but no one they knew could answer it, so they eventually sent a letter to the author of the book.

These days the internet means that asking someone is much less frequently the most efficient way to find out some information. And even if you do ask someone they're more likely to send you an email than to invite you round for tea. But these opportunities to connect with people seem very important, so I think it's good to take this into account when deciding if it's better to ask someone or work something out yourself. It might also mean we need more explicit opportunities to connect with people than were necessary in the past.

Do we have updated data about the risk of ~ permanent chronic fatigue from COVID-19?

This study finds about a third of patients self-report fatigue at 2-3 weeks after a positive coronavirus test. That might be a reasonable generous upper bound for the likelihood of chronic fatigue, though I wouldn't trust telephone studies of self-reported symptoms all that much.