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Argument via stick is not a persuasive argument.

Unfortunately, there are no universally compelling arguments, so ultimately argument via stick is sometimes necessary.

> I just mean that I am part of the group that thinks murder outside of war should be illegal.

Everyone believes that. Of course, since the standard definition of [murder] is "the killing of another human being without *justification* or *valid excuse*" or "*unlawful* killing with malice aforethou...(read more)

> Yes, its my own rather limited special group rather than being universal.

So your special group looks down on all the other groups.

> While its true that given signficant poltical will it could be changed it migth not be true that majority of the relevant countriers think its okay/neutral to do....(read more)

> They used to make money. Some of that money was used to pay more-or-less professional journalists to write more-or-less competent articles and stories. Large papers maintained their own foreign bureaus, for example, and had their own man-on-the-spot who *lived* in that country and didn't just fly ...(read more)

True, and there were a number of Greeks commenting on how unusual this was.

Like ancient Greece and Rome are "remarkably recent"?

And most of their stories consisted of retelling myths that they believed to be true.

> One could make a more compelling case for capital punishment. Beheadings in middle-eastern countries are looked down upon, assasinations being involved in Russian politics is often critizied and you can get executed for rather political actions in China.

By whom? Not by (the majority of) the Mid...(read more)

Storytelling, in the sense of telling a story that all the participants acknowledge to be false, is actually remarkably recent.

practically all Americans acknowledge that slavery was wrong.

Yes, this is a combination of reasons (3) and (4) from my list.

Edit: also in that example there are other highly plausible explanations for the difference in number of CEOs.