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Lies, Damn Lies, and Fabricated Options

I can see what you mean by saying that 'identical to water but not water' is not true, but it's called the 'Twin' planet. Even twins have different fingerprints. Can't a substance act like water, look like water, and anything we do without looking at the molecular structure makes it seem identical to water, yet actually the creatures on that planet discovered a new molecule, that was just the same shape/form as a water molecule and have a different number of electrons?

I don't really understand atom structure, so is this scenario possible?

Chapter 79: Taboo Tradeoffs, Pt 1

I have a solution for Harry.

Check the time, send any good occlumens with a time turner back for 6 hours, have them tell another good occlumens with a time turner to go back 6 hours, the time that it was when the first person went back in time, and have them ask yet another good occlumens... 

Do that however many times you need to

Have someone actually film whatever happened, then wait until it is right after the time that the first person went back in time, show everyone the film.

That way:

a) An occlumens will not accidentally give away their secrets
b) Time will not be changed, since they waited
c) You know it's real, since it's on film.

Chapter 1: A Day of Very Low Probability

I'm re-reading this chapter for the sixth time

And I just realized

Is the "Black robes falling" italics part a non-Harry point of view of the end of chapter 114?

The word being Harry's spell on Voldemort, and "Black robes, falling" is actually part of the text in that chapter, also in italics, and in parentheses.