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Dear attendees, 2 things:

- Looks like it will rain. If so, we will move to Opera Bar
- Some of us will be there half an hour early, so 18:30, because some will leave sooner. Everyone is welcome earlier, if they wish/are able.


See you 👋

So... apparently it's going to rain today... So I've moved us to Opera bar, very close to the original location, at Cankarjeva cesta 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

If anyone gets confused I'll probably go and check in the original location at some point :D

See you all tomorrow! The location remains Lili Novy, looks like the weather might be one of the last properly warm days, so we're saying goodbye to summer :)

The weather today is going to be absolutely awful, so I propose Opera Bar, near Tivoli, as our meeting place.

We have landed at Lily Novi, the ex jazz bar near Tivoli. Email me if you get lost.

If anyone has any questions, please contact me.

Weather looks like it will be surprisingly pleasant tomorrow. I'll bring some snacks, and if we get tired of the outside we can move to either a random location, or the office I work at, which is in the center. Happy to see people are coming.