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Wes F31

Nevermind. Another comments explained it. I would greatly appreciate that option also being put under settings! I would have found it much easier.

Wes F40

I would love an option to say "I don't want to read another word about AI alignment ever"

Wes F31

What? How? I've found like 3 different "customize" options, and none of them are this.

Side note: I've noticed that web & app developers these days try to make settings "intuitive" instead of just putting them all in one place, which I think is silly. Just put all settings under settings. Why on Earth are there multiple "customize" options?

Wes F110

I read via RSS, and I mostly just skip LW articles because it's almost all AI-related, and I'm not interested in that. It would be very nice if I could get a non-AI RSS feed (or even better - a customizable RSS feed where I can include or exclude certain tags). 

It really does feel to me, though, that LessWrong is not for me because I'm not interested in AI alignment. LW doesn't strike me as a rationality-focused site. It's a site for talking about AI alignment that offers some rationality content as an afterthought. It sounds like you don't really want to change that, though, so it is what it is.

Wes F1-2

I disagree with this comment. Veaux seems awful, but a bad messenger doesn't make a bad message and his coauthor (one of his ex-partners and accusers) AFAICT, still endorses the book. In any case, I continue to believe it contains good relationship advice.

Wes F70

For anyone wanting to see what postrat twitter is all about but doesn't know where to start, I made of list of the people I was able to identify as ingroup, and I regularly add people. You can follow it here: https://twitter.com/i/lists/1502790013725163524

Wes F10

The LW podcast list seemed a little outdated and didn't provide much information, so I made a list of rationalist podcast. If you have a podcast and would like it added to the list, please let me know. For now I'm only including podcasts that are currently updating regularly http://livingwithinreason.com/rationalist-podcasts/

Wes F70

I'm not understanding your disagreement. Of course popularity is just a prior. The less popular a given position, the stronger your prior should be against the other person holding it. Doing that will lead you to be less wrong about what the other person means by what they're saying.

What is the difference between what you said and "your prior for whether someone believes an unpopular position should be lower the less popular the position is, and you should update your prior based on how clear their statement was"?

Wes F20

I think "Survival Day" evokes the themes you're going for

Wes F30

I love this idea. Some of my thoughts:

I would like if the script for the event had some fill in the blanks where people can express themselves. Reading from a script can build connection, but more so if people are encouraged to show some of their own uniqueness as part of it.

Perhaps there could be a tradition where 20-30 or so people are invited and attend, but anyone is welcome to observe (i.e. join the video stream, but as read only or just have their mic muted). The worries about event size are real, but also it would be nice if people who didn't have an event to attend could still participate somehow, and technology allows that to happen in a non-intrusive way .

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