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Retracted due to spoilers and not knowing how to use spoiler tags.

Received $400 worth of bitcoin. I confirm the bet.

@RatsWrongAboutUAP I'm willing to risk up to $20k at 50:1 odds (i.e. If you give me $400 now, I'll owe you $20k in 5 years if you win the bet) conditional on (1) you not being privy to any non-public information about UFOs/UAP and (2) you being okay with forfeiting any potential winnings in the unlikely event that I die before bet resolution.

Re (1): Could you state clearly whether you do or do not have non-public information pertaining to the bet?

Re (2): FYI The odds of me dying in the next 5 years are less than 3% by SSA base rates, and my credence is even less than that if we don't account for global or existential catastrophic risk. The reason I'd ask to not owe you any money in the worlds in which you win (and are still alive to collect money) and I'm dead is because I wouldn't want anyone else to become responsible for settling such a significant debt on my behalf.

If you accept, please reply here and send the money to this Bitcoin address: 3P6L17gtYbj99mF8Wi4XEXviGTq81iQBBJ

I'll confirm receipt of the money when I get notified of your reply here. Thanks!

IMO the largest trade-offs of being vegan for most people aren't health trade-offs, but they're other things like the increased time/attention cost of identifying non-vegan foods. Living in a place where there's a ton of non-vegan food available at grocery stores and restaurants makes it more of a pain to get food at stores and restaurants than it is if you're not paying that close attention to what's in your food. (I'm someone without any food allergies, and I imagine being vegan is about as annoying as having certain food allergies).

That being said, it also seems to me that the vast majority of people's diets are not well optimized for health. Most people care about convenience, cost, taste, and other factors as well. My intuition is that if we took a random person and said "hey, you have to go vegan, lets try to find a vegan diet that's healthier than your current diet" that we'd succeed the vast majority of the time simply because most people don't eat very healthily. That said, the random person would probably prefer a vegan diet optimized for things other than just health more than a vegan diet optimized for just health.

I only read the title, not the post, but just wanted to leave a quick comment to say I agree that veganism entails trade-offs, and that health is one of the axes. Also note that I've been vegan since May 2019 and lacto-vegetarian since October 2017, for ethical reasons, not environmental or health or other preferences reasons.

It's long (since before I changed my diet) been obvious to me that your title statement is true since a prior it seems very unlikely that the optimal diet for health is one that contains exactly zero animal products, given that humans are omnivores. One doesn't need to be informed about nutrition to make that inference.

Probability that most humans die because of an AI takeover: 11%

This 11% is for "within 10 years" as well, right?

Probability that the AI we build doesn’t take over, but that it builds even smarter AI and there is a takeover some day further down the line: 7%

Does "further down the line" here mean "further down the line, but still within 10 years of building powerful AI"? Or do you mean it unqualified?

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