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Please note that as of late last year the official development environment is now built with Vagrant. The primary repo contains a Vagrantfile and all the chef recipes (derived from our production recipes where possible) necessary to configure a base Ubuntu box for LW development.

The instructions for using this are at: Development-VM-Image.


Great to hear you're interested in contributing Chris. The LW codebase takes a bit to get your head around so I'd certainly suggest starting with smaller bugs or small features before diving into big new features. You should definitely get in touch with us (TrikeApps) and Luke to discuss what you want to work on to make sure it's the best use of your time and your approach considers all angles.

For reference, Accepted issues are generally bugs. The Accepted status indicates they have been reviewed and acknowledged as a bug. Approved is used to indicate tickets that are approved for work (generally by Lucas). These are good candidates to work on but you should definitely coordinate with us to make sure they aren't being worked on already.


SiteMeter in the sidebar was the cause of this. It has been removed.


I received a lot of errors over the weekend relating to a performance regression introduced in the last set of changes. Eugine, you were one of the people affected by these errors. I released a fix for this yesterday and have not seen those errors since. Work is also underway to migrate to a new database server.


John implemented the new feature, I just integrated it and deployed it.


This is actually a bug, not a feature. Some major changes to how karma is stored and passed around the application were made in order to implement the percentage tooltips. Scores are now passed around as an array containing the number of up votes and down votes, where previously it was the difference of the two. It appears the this array is being incorrectly rendered in the side bar, instead of the calculated score.


You're correct, John deliberately changed this as he thought it was a bug. I'll chat to some people to work out what the desired behaviour is.


I've just deployed a fix that will apply to all new poll votes. Thanks jimrandomh for passing on the bug report and initial patch.


Your fix for the incorrect median calculation has been deployed.

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