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Wearing the Patronus isn't any more dubious than casting it inside of Hermione to revive her. You're right about stunners instead of AKs of course, but that can be blocked by a thin invisible tranfigured shield (air into glass, since apparently he can transfigure arbitrary atomic structures). Transfiguration is wordless and he has a wand. I mean, this isn't anywhere near as deus-ex-machina as half of the Azkaban escape anyway.


"Expecto Patronum", at which point Death-Eaters will fire an utterly futile barrage of AKs. Voldy still can't fire directly at Harry due to resonance. Gun is not as much concern if you move fast enough and considering Voldy is some distance away. Gives Harry enough elbow room to get to his nearby (?) Pouch, Cloak and Time-Turner with 1 more hour on it. At this point we're sorta free of any serious constraints.


And the entire HPMOR fanbase has just now googled the concept. Promotion of ideas is what HPMOR's purpose is, after all.


Perfect mathematical reflection, free of Gödel's incompleteness theorem.


checkable partial execution traces with cryptographically strong bounds on honest vs fraudulent work

You may want to talk to these guys: (SNARKs for C)

And to me as well, in due time.


I quit my job for one that I'm much less comfortable with, but with more room for long-term improvement.

In your face, risk aversion!


Assuming somebody would want to take over a bankrupt company with liabilities as nasty as not-quite-dead humans. The liabilities of a bankrupt cryo company would vastly exceed the assets. Also, you can't get rid of those liabilities, not even part of them, in any way which isn't a PR disaster.


Frozen people are liabilities, not assets.


Interesting. I'll look into that when/if I have some free time. In the meantime, may I suggest gamifying this at some point? Let MIRI organize a programming competition in Botworld, preferably with prizes. If this plays well, you'll get a lot of attention from some highly skilled hackers and maybe some publicity.


A simple loop can alter a sizable fraction of the 'world' within short time. Thus no complex analysis of opponents never pays off (except for tests like 'is some opponent at this address').

It's not because a simple loop can alter a lot of space. It's because Core Wars world is crowded both in space and time. Make agents start a lightyear away from each other and/or make a communication/energy/matter bottleneck and all of a sudden it pays off to do a complex code analysis of your opponent!

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