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Hi all,

I recently saw a video of Connor Leahy discuss his fears of AI reaching awareness in a very short time that could compromise humanity. Of course, there are other issues that are a variation of the same problem, such as climate, change fraud, violence, environmental decay, lots of other issues that people are trying to resolve, unsuccessfully, inside what is ultimately an economic political structure that is fundamentally disempowering. 

My background is in architecture of which I learned a lot about sustainable design. I also learned that being sustainable isn't cool, so I started a radio show.asa research platform  to find out what the problem was, instead of doing a PhD, which would fundamentally be too limiting in its focus. I need to look bigger, not smaller. the short story is the problem is money, specifically usury, in its original definition of any cost on currency, not an exorbitant cost. To define usury as the latter is just a scam.

I've avoided writing the book and all that stuff, and getting into spreading the word of the problem, without having a really effective solution. That solution, being what currency, model, type, would resolve creating sustainably, to incentivise, creating sustainably as a status, symbol of excellence. In such a world, being ethical, creating collaboratively in sustainable research, would be inevitable. Therefore, the distress that Connor is expressing would be resolved. So would everything else. You might think that sounds completely crazy, but one has to see how the such a currency type would work. I know it may seem weird that I'm here on LessWrong. Bringing this up, but you all want to find a way for AI to fundamentally help people, help humanity, but instead of fighting with an economic political framework that makes this so incredibly difficult, what I'm presenting is to change the framework that makes conflict and trauma redundant.Disappear, that competition values, collaborating, not the other way around, to effectively create sustainable excellence, and using resources much more effectively more than a peaceful, economic and political structure. That can't happen, unless you have the right currency. .

No, I am not selling a crypto. All of these are usury, fundamentally commodity currencies. A good solution has to be non-usury and non-commodity. It also has to be free to use. And the bank, if you want to call it that, has to be owned by the people that are actually using it. Also, as there is so little access to excellent education in usury economics, it really has to be based on that, not gold or an algorithm or whatever. That's just crap to be totally honest. My base is the bank pays all in education B60/h. The bank is not a profit-seeking entity. It is just a ledger. No tax, fees, etc. These are the basics of the framework. Anyway, I've developed the model. I don't want to be a talker. I want to be a walker. So I made it.I call it BUXBE, based on the parameters that I just said above. Of course, there's more to it, but I'm trying to make this short form! :) 

My intention of connecting here is you are all the most intelligent people alive in the space that really want to find a solution in the AI space to resolve the issues. Humanity is in. However, in my research, development, resolution, there is no way to resolve this within the current economic and political framework. That we are living in. If we could, we would have already done it ago. And that's not in AI, but as I said in everything above that stops making creating sustainable excellence, possible. Again, to be perfectly honest, you're really wasting an immense amount of resources, and immense amount of resources trying to find solutions in a framework that doesn't want you to find them. People say that to change economics, ask the politicians. However, they are owned by usury/commodity like we all are. If going to politicians would work, we would've already solved the problem. Obviously, they haven't.

Humanity really underestimate how currency, the currency we use to exchange with each other, the framework of the currency that we use to do that, effects so much about how we connect with each other. We have just accepted money as it has been delivered to us, distributed to us, and just accept it. But that's only one pot of what human nature is. There's a lot more behind that. Also, currency has been fashioned around the game theory of prisoners dilemma. I keep asking, who the fuck said we were prisoners? Okay okay. Short form short form I'm working on it.

So, ladies and gentlemen, because I want to be a walker and not a talker, I've also designed the app to make using BUXBE feasible. Getting support to build an app that's free where there is no profit centric framework to make money in a usury/commodity world is obviously pretty difficult. There is no money in being sustainable. Obviously. But I can't nonchalantly assume that I have every scenario figured out in how BUXBE can empower the world to create sustainable excellence. I think I have it. I think I've got everything sorted, and I know how to apply it in relevant scenarios. But you are the smartest, most intelligent people with access not just to AI, but to understand how to make AI be developed for the greater good, at least trying to do that. So let's do the research on the what if we were living in World using a neutral currency? Let's see if what I'm presenting would actually work, in what matters to you, with your concerns, not just what I think the issues are to empower the world and that's it. 

Of course, I'm pretty sure BUXBE will work, but I'm not gonna be a conceited psychopath and think that I've got it all sorted and that I'm an absolute madman. genius. I'm not here to be a character, an existence based on object to whatever people think is famous in our current world. Being does, not is. Valuing object is meaningless. It is the actions we take that define who we are. Humanity really wants to connect in a positive, constructive, empowered, peaceful way. It is the economics that we live in that we have accepted, that destroys that.

I know it's really easy for people to write off what I am presenting because you are all so used to trying to find solutions in this massive economic mindfuck that we just accepted as reality. But it isn't. If you really want empowered, sustainable change, one has to look at the heart of it, where the core is, and change that. 

So I'm writing here to ask you not for help, Just for me, it's really also to help you resolve the problems of AI being designed and therefore learn to have its awareness to then write off humanity. If you are in an economic framework that demands overwhelming destructive competition, then of course we created the problem. Change the economic framework, then all your research will naturally develop to be coded for the greater good, not some crap that prioritises money over people.  I've been doing this for a long time and it amazes me that no one is actually thought of this. There have been some people. 

Of course that have tried to design currencies for the greater good, but they are still so commodity focused, and so can't work. I think you AI designers are blinkered into the same scenario. Humanity has access to so much education, but I fear that we don't know how to use it.

I am aware that I am trying to cover a lot of ground in a very short article, which I already think is probably too long. I know I have to answer what we think human nature and human condition are. Human nature is we adapt to our environment to succeed. The human condition is, we don't know how to love ourselves as much as we choose to love other people. Short story. I'm also looking at the history of currency as an object and so therefore, we think status is objective. That's a massive problem. Massive. Saying to be subjective, of course, it's not the issue either because that misses the point. It's interesting that I can't find a word in English to define status based on action, the doing. Being does, not is. Forrest Gump may have it right when he says 'stupid is a stupid does'. I'm just not interested in being stupid. I don't think you all are either. That's why I'm here.

So please have a think about what I'm proposing. Ask me anything about it. I'm asking for you to look at the framework, the environment, that you're trying to find solutions in, not try, and fail, inside the rabbit hole that usury/commodity economics imprisons humanity in. Same thing same way same results. you've heard that before. The link to my writing on this in greater detail is accessible here: I hope that illustrates that I'm really serious about this, and not just faffing around about some esoteric solution that can't exist.

What amazes me is, how many times I've heard of people given accolades of thinking outside the box, the sphere, to change the world and then of course change nothing. it's why I've become a recluse. Just not a disempowered one. Well, I'm trying. Humanity looks into spirits, the gods, living in space in a universe we think we can never achieve. It's much simpler than you think. The only real God is Earth. We are the first thinking cognitive animal that has overcome its environmental limitations. That earth offers. The tragedy is we think we need to fight it when really humanity's evolution is to understand how to evolve mastering peace, not war. It's still blows my mind that so few people really understand that. And even when we do, we make it an exception, not normal.

OK, it's midnight now in Australia. Time for me to ride quietly away on my motorcycle and get a midnight coffee. That's how I relax. Wherever you all are, go well. :)