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How To Get Into Independent Research On Alignment/Agency

Ty John for writing this up. This post and the comments really helps me find my own place and direction in terms of doing what I want to do.

Currently in academia and VERY unhappy about the bullshit I have to ingest and create. But I'm still waiting on my social, political, and financial safety nets before I can do anything remotely brave, kindda like tryactions mentioned in his comment.

So the most I'll do is probably just read and write and talk to people on the side.

Speaking of talking to people...

My current research involves (manually) using CPU architectural artifacts to break sandboxing and steal data. I've been wondering whether I could do something on the lines of "make a simple AI that tries to break out of sandboxes, then make an unbreakable sandbox to contain it".

Do shoot me a message if you have any thoughts, or is just curious. I would love to chat.