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***Update about location***: I was able to secure our reservation, so The Deck is confirmed as our final location. The reservation is only for 2 1/2 hours, although they often allow parties to go past their allotted time. If needed, we can migrate to one of the other restaurants in the complex or somewhere totally different in Northampton.

This is the Meetups Everywhere edition of a meetup that started in the 2018 Meetups Everywhere and is still going strong. At most meetups we get about 5-7 people out of a rotation of 15-20. Based on what I'm hearing so far, it sounds like this one might get about 10.

There's no "format" or suggested readings. Although it's not rare for us to touch on ACX articles and related topics, the conversation varies wildly, and you are welcome even if you're the most occasional ACX reader.

Important info about directions/location: As usual, we're planning to meet at The Deck Bar at Union Station in Northampton. The official address is bizarre and inaccurate; it's the outdoor dining part of a group of bars & restaurants in a former rail station... a whole block away from Pleasant St. The simplest way to get to The Deck is to enter The Platform, one of the other restaurants, by its street entrance around 36 Strong Ave., here: (make sure to look at street view). Go inside and ask them to show you to The Deck. We'll have a sign. 

We currently communicate via an email list; feel free to email me at to keep up to speed.

Look forward to meeting you!

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