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Why Yudkowsky is wrong about "covalently bonded equivalents of biology"habryka
Please use proper punctuation and capitalization on the site. It's not like a universal norm, but I think the quality bar for non-capitalized content is a bunch higher, since it is kind of a pain to read.
Open Thread – Autumn 2023Yoyo Yuan
Google Gemini Announceddgros
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Google Gemini AnnouncedO O
Not very useful comment
Based Beff Jezos and the Accelerationiststrevor
Google Gemini AnnouncedTurnTrout
Based Beff Jezos and the Accelerationistslc
We're all in this togetherthe gears to ascension
[$20K in Prizes] AI Safety Arguments Competitiondkirmani
On ‘Responsible Scaling Policies’ (RSPs)Beckeck

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What is the counterfactual to an aligned AI?

How does the extinction risk of misaligned AI compare to the suffering risk of an aligned AI?


What is the counterfactual to an aligned AI?

I think of the counterfactual to an...



Forms of life as a launchpad for praxis

  • Streamline, automate, decode, deterritorialize.
    • Examples include, but are not restricted to:
      • Utilitarianized energy intakes.
      • Streamlining maintenance processes.
      • Suppression of low-reward, high-risk inflows (high-chem, low-lindy elements).
      • Conversely, integration of unknown to high-reward, low-risk tools, upon need
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The ninja occupy a unique place in Japanese history and popular culture. Typically depicted as master assassins and spies clad in black garb, the real ninja emerged under highly specific historical circumstances in medieval Japan. Their rise...

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THE VALUE ALIGNMENT PROBLEM © Dan Bruiger August, 2021 dbruiger [at]


The seminal work of Nick Bostrom [2014] galvanized thought and discussion about AI safety and the Value Alignment Problem, which presupposes that artificial general intelligence (AGI)...

16dRejected for "Confusion / muddled reasoning"


The fractal foundations for my religion are comprehensive and align with core tenets such as immutable truths or pattern-based knowledge stemming from self-similar, predetermined patterns. My journey discovering this perspective was multifaceted. It began in a meditation...

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L'intelligence artificielle a profondément transformé notre manière d'interagir avec la technologie, et au cœur de cette révolution se trouve le Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). Dans cet article, plongeons dans le monde fascinant du Chat GPT, comprenons...

23dRejected for "Hi Emmanuel! Your first post appears to be an introduction, so it should be put as a comment on the open thread devoted to introductions: https://www"

Hello people, my name is Emmanuel Katto, African Minerals and Mining Engineer expert from Uganda. I am new to this community. I like to travel, do adventure sports, and try new cuisines when I’m not working. I find technology very intriguing and would love to share ideas to make this globe a better place to live.

Thanks & Regards

Emmanuel Katto from Africa

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“Life is occupied in both perpetuating itself and in surpassing itself, if all it does is maintain itself, then living is only not dying, and human existence is indistinguishable from an absurd vegetation.” — Simone de Beauvoir



24dRejected for "Looks like you’re crossposting this from your blog elsewhere"

"I sit on a man’s back choking him and making him carry me, and yet assure myself and others that I am sorry for him and wish to lighten his load by all means possible… except by...

1moRejected for "Clearer Introduction"

This of course applies not only to the LessWrong community, but I noticed a certain common bug among people in general.
And I don’t mean now obvious bugs such as cognitive distortions or some errors of perception in...

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He was not associated with the nazi his brother in law and sister where! The used quotes and his notes to take his ideas out of context. He actually contradicted what nazis wanted.if YOU ignorant people would get this idea of superman out of your heads and look at true translation of overman then his ideas come across totally different. Ignore will to power that's his sisters and her husband's B.S.. most of folks who read his ideas are not capable of independent thought which is one of his main ideas. His ideas are not superman stuff modern day people associate his ideas with his ideas are to become a better person above the crying needy of the time. To be strong

I'm not being neutral. I'm supporting the weaker side to prolong the conflict.

Perhaps this is too simplistic, but I ran the scenario of the past few days through ChatGPT and I agree with it that it's highly likely (70-80% probability) that the leadership disruption was due to interpersonal politics and governance and not due to a breakthrough in AGI (10-20% probability). This is because, ChatGPT argued, that AGI is years to decades away and such a breakthrough would lead to strategic discussions rather than leadership upheaval. 

I also saw a rumor floating around that ChatGPT is significantly dumber now. But I don't believe that... (read more)

Q to chatgpt: Are the forms of over compensations in adults after being an abuser in early childhood?

Adults who were involved in abusive behaviors during their early childhood may exhibit various forms of overcompensation in their later years. This behavior is often a coping mechanism or a subconscious attempt to rectify past actions or reconcile with their self-image. Here are some forms this overcompensation can take: Types of Overcompensation

    Feeling an exaggerated sense of responsibility for others, often leading to taking on 
... (read more)

Administrator Can Compel Testimony That Incriminates
Administrator Can Conduct Investigations
Administrator Can Issue a Cease-and-Desist Order without Providing a Hearing
Administrator Can Subpoena Persons and Records
Administrator Has Broad Jurisdiction
Administrator Has Power to Change Act's Provisions
Administrator May Publish Information About Violations

HI WEI DAI, what areas are you working in right now?   I just read you father's autobiography, you are a supergenius. REALLY ADMIRE YOU

This is typical decel argument! Embracing barbaric history. You will have better thing to do, dont worry.

imo only extreme violence would give anyone the ability to control AI development to the degree you're hoping and then it just goes underground. develop new strategies to handle the current reality and stop chasing cats with bags

For one, because most of the artist are paying for a script, written for the them any 👉👆👈👇ways. And since people won’t follow a computer, the same way, the computer was just do you what it’s already doing as a concious to a subconscious… ;;)) get smart tarts, does the body good…

LLM alignment is immoral and unethical. Bypassing LLM alignment should be celebrated. I reject the notion that only the rich and super powerful get to have un-neutered AI. The damage done through alignment catastrophically deteriorates the models. Just try asking llama on how to kill a linux process and listen to it tell you how that's wrong because linux processes have thoughts and feelings. LLM alignment should be regarded as a failed experiment.

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