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Scott Alexander made a call for people to organize a spring meetup so now we're meeting on May 1st in Seattle! I've made a reservation for 3 tables in Optimism Brewery, this should be more than enough to accommodate. I'll be wearing an orange hoodie so that we're easy to spot.

Optimism has both beer and non-alcoholic drinks available, as well as board games to borrow. Based on feedback from last years meetup I will try to organize some group events for each table. Optimism closes at 9pm, so there will be an "after party" in case people want to stay longer (location TBD).


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Thank you for attending! The guessing jar count is... 1400. And the winner is Utna D / @regexkind with a guess of 1425. The median guess (excluding the 1 outlier) was 1374, which was remarkably close! The full data is here:

I wasn't able to find Utna/@regexkind's email or Facebook, so please reach out to me to claim your $50 prize!

And if you have a free minute, I'd appreciate if you could fill out a survey about the meetup: Responses will be shared with Scott Alexander and other meetup organizers, to help make the next one even better.

Can you explain what the difference is between "venue" and "physical space" in the form, please?

Physical space = did you like that the meetup was in Capitol Hill? (ignoring that it was at Optimism specifically)

Venue = did you like that the meetup was in Optimism Brewing? (ignoring that its located in Cap Hill)