This unconference is a gathering of the rationalist and effective altruist communities, held the day before Bay Area Secular Solstice.

Think something like the New York megameetup: if a bunch of us are all going to be around during Solstice weekend, why not also take the excuse to hang out with each other?

We've rented Omni Commons in Oakland for a day of socializing and information-sharing.

The unconference has a light theme, to create some inspiration (but don't let it constrain you). This year's theme will be **group coordination**:

What ambitious project would you embark upon if you knew for sure that you had the support? What kinds of support can we give each other to help with those projects? What do we ourselves need in order to provide that support to each other?

Buffet style lunch and snacks will be provided. Invite friends!

Register via Eventbrite:

Sign up to run a session:

Note: The main Solstice event itself is here –

Hope to see you there!

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