We are EA Groningen, a small effective altruism community in the northern Dutch student town Groningen. We meet at least once a month in our regular pub: the Harbour Café. Besides that we organize lectures and learning meetups, and sometimes we have some projects running.

The people who regularly attend are between 20-40 years old, with about 60% students. Not many people read LW or SSC (besides me), but we welcome anyone who does and is interested in improving the world most effectively! Our cause interest is very wide: some interest in near term human welfare, some in animal welfare, some in long-term future, and many people who are unsure which is best :)

As long as you are open for new information and like to learn instead of only making your case, you are more than welcome. There is no background reading required, although reading some introductory EA material definitely enhances the conversations!

Check out our Meetup page for our upcoming events.

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