The Hammertime Sequence is a curriculum and guide for thirty days of instrumental rationality practice, let's do it!

Start Date: Monday 19 July, 2021 - End Date: 18 August, 2021

The Tsuyoku Naritai podcast is a good accompanying podcast to listen to while doing Hammertime. The episodes are quite short so I recommend listening to the whole series (just 10 <10 minute long episodes) within the first week of doing Hammertime. You may also listen to whichever episode is paired with which Hammertime activity, e.g. listen to "Episode 7: CoZE" on the day we do "Hammertime Day 5: Comfort Zone Expansion".

Read the prelude to the Hammertime sequence before we get started.

Time Commitment: ~30 minutes per day for 30 days. If you want to participate but can only commit ~10 minutes per day, that should be fine too, just modify the exercises to fit that timeframe, but I recommend going for the full 30 minutes if you can swing it.

I think doing the Hammertime Sequence will help me cultivate my voice, increase my deliberate actions, and be good "Alive Time", and I'm looking forward to doing this activity with others so we can all benefit and improve our lives! :)

Anyone may participate, you don't have to be a member of the Houston Rationalists group to participate, though we will use the group's infrastructure for communication, planning, meetings, etc.

We will primarily use discord for communicating and having meetings, please join here:

We have a google group, please join for automatic calendar invites to meetups: (the group's email:


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