Oxford Rationalish

Cowley, Oxford, UK

Oxford Rationalish is a community that has fun caring about nuance, and engaging in good-faith debate with open and kind skepticism.

This is a place to dive into weeds, to be curious about other people's perspectives, and to love finding out that you were wrong!

Some of the things we're into include:

  • exploring systems and games which encourage mutual understanding, trust and connection.
  • making predictions, seeing how well we did, and working out how to get better
  • discussing how to align Artificial Intelligence to our values (technically and philosophically)

It's associated with sites like Less Wrong and blogs like Astral Codex Ten, SlateStarCodex, and Overcoming Bias. It's also friendly with the Effective Altruism movement.

Socials every month, Applied Rationality dojo every fortnight, and workshops from time to time!

If you’re reading this, you’re invited!

Upcoming Events

Oxford Rationalish - Dec Pub
Cowley, Oxford, UKTBD

Past Events

OxRat ACX Meetups Everywhere 2023
21 Rectory Road, Oxford2023 Oct 18th
Oxford Rationalish - Sept Pub
21 Rectory Road, Oxford2023 Sep 20th
Oxford Rationalish - July Pub
21 Rectory Road, Oxford2023 Jul 19th
Oxford Rationalish - May Pub
21 Rectory Road, Oxford2023 May 17th
Oxford Rationalish - March Pub
21 Rectory Road, Oxford2023 Mar 15th
Oxford Rationalish - February Pub
21 Rectory Road, Oxford2023 Feb 15th
Oxford Rationalish - January Pub
21 Rectory Road, Oxford2023 Jan 18th
Oxford Rationalish - December Pub
The Gardeners Arms, 39 Plantation Road, Oxford2022 Dec 14th