tl;dr  Cases I found against OpenAI. All are US-based. First eight focus on copyright.

 1. Joseph Saveri Firm:  overview, complaint

 2. Joseph Saveri Firm:  overview, complaint
 3. Authors Guild & Alter:  overview, complaint
 4. Nicholas Gage:  overview & complaint

 5. New York Times:  overview, complaint
 6. Intercept Media:  overview, complaint
 7. Raw Story & Alternet:  overview, complaint
 8. Denver Post & 7 others:  overview, complaint

 9. Clarkson Firm:  overview, complaint
10. Glancy Firm:  overview, complaint

 11. Mark Walters:  overview, complaint

Mission betrayal
 12. Elon Musk:  overview, complaint
 13. Tony Trupia:  overview, complaint

That last lawsuit by a friend of mine has stalled. A few cases were partially dismissed.
Also, a cybersecurity expert filed a complaint to Polish DPA (technically not a lawsuit).
For lawsuits filed against other AI companies, see this running list.

Most legal actions right now focus on data rights. In the future, I expect many more legal actions focussed on workers' rights, product liability, and environmental regulations.

If you are interested to fund legal actions outside the US:

  • Three projects I'm collaborating on with creatives, coders, and lawyers.
  • Legal Priorities was almost funded last year to research promising legal directions.
  • European Guild for AI Regulation is making headway but is seriously underfunded.
  • A UK firm wants to sue for workplace malpractice during ChatGPT development. 

Folks to follow for legal insights:

  • Luiza Jarovsky, an academic who posts AI court cases and privacy compliance tips
  • Margot Kaminski, an academic who posts about harm-based legal approaches
  • Aaron Moss, a copyright attorney who posts sharp analysis of which suits suck
  • Andres Guadamuz, an academic who posts analysis with a techno-positive bent
  • Neil Turkewitz, a recording industry veteran who posts on law in support of artists
  • Alex Champandard, a ML researcher who revealed CSAM in largest image dataset
  • Trevor Baylis, a creative professional experienced in suing and winning

Manifold also has prediction markets:

Have you been looking into legal actions?  Curious then for your thoughts.

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Now I understand the recent addition of the OAI board is folks from policy/think tanks rather than the technical side.

Also, on the workforce, there are cases where, they were traumatized psychologically and compensated meagerly, like in Kenya. How could that be dealt with? Even though it was covered by several media I am not sure they are really aware of their rights.

Also, on the workforce, there are cases where, they were traumatized psychologically and compensated meagerly, like in Kenya. How could that be dealt with?

We need funding to support data workers, engineers, and other workers exploited or misled by AI corporations to unionise, strike, and whistleblow.

The AI data workers in Kenya started a union, and there is a direct way of supporting targeted action by them. Other workers' organisations are coordinating legal actions and lobbying too. On seriously limited budgets.

I'm just waiting for a funder to reach out and listen carefully to what their theories of change are.

fyi, the link does not have a secure connection. 

Actually, looks like there is a thirteenth lawsuit that was filed outside the US.

A class-action privacy lawsuit filed in Israel back in April 2023.

Wondering if this is still ongoing: