Open thread, July 28 - August 3, 2014

I recently made a dissenting comment on a biggish, well-known-ish social-justice-y blog. The comment was on a post about a bracelet which one could wear and which would zap you with a painful (though presumably safe) electric shock at the end of a day if you hadn't done enough exercise that day. The post was decrying this as an example of society's rampant body-shaming and fat-shaming, which had reached such an insane pitch that people are now willing to torture themselves in order to be content with their body image.

I explained as best I could in a couple... (read more)

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A lot of people are pointing out that perhaps it wasn't very wise for you to engage with such commenters. I mostly agree. But I also partially disagree. The negative effects of you commenting there, of course, are very clear. But, there are positive effects as well.

The outside world---i.e. outside the rationalist community and academia---shouldn't get too isolated from us. While many people made stupid comments, I'm sure that there were many more people who looked at your argument and went, "Huh. Guess I didn't think of that," or at least regist... (read more)

13shminux5yI don't think it's a good idea to get into a discussion on any forum where the term "mansplaining" is used to stifle dissent, even (or especially) if you have "a clear, concise, self-contained point".
5NancyLebovitz5yI wasn't sure about doing discussion of the specific point, but other people are.... [] Here's an example from someone who believes strongly in cultivating internal motivation-- the opposite of shocking yourself if you don't do enough crudely monitored exercise. The punishment approach to exercise arguably makes people less likely to exercise at all, and I think it increases the risk of injuries from exercise. There really is a cultural problem-- how popular is the approach from the link compared to The Biggest Loser and boot camps for civilians? Sidetrack: I'm imagining a shock bracelet to discourage involvement in pointless internet arguments. How would it identify them? Would people use it?

Open thread, July 28 - August 3, 2014

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